In addition to the Gruss Library and the appointment of the Gruss Scholar-in-Residence, the Annual Caroline and Joseph S. Gruss Lecture is held at the Law School.

The late Joseph S. Gruss, a banker who founded Gruss and Company in 1942, is counted among the leading benefactors of Jewish education in both New York and Israel. Giving generously, Mr. and Mrs. Gruss were responsible for forming the Fund for Jewish Education in association with the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies and the United Jewish Appeal of New York. In 1984, Mr. Gruss and his wife established the Caroline and Joseph S. Gruss Professorship of Talmudic Civil Law at New York University School of Law. “Mrs. Gruss and I are proud,” said Mr. Gruss, “to be able to create such a monument at New York University.”This visiting Professorship is the first of its kind in any secular law school in the country.

In addition to the Professorship, Mr. and Mrs. Gruss established the Gruss Talmudic Civil Law Library whose dedication was celebrated on December 2, 1986. According to the former dean Norman Redlich, “Through the establishment of the Gruss Professorship and Library, our students will have the opportunity to explore the far-reaching influence of Talmudic Law in shaping Western philosophic concepts of justice. As a unique and valuable addition to the University, the Library of Talmudic Civil Law has greatly enhanced the excellence and prestige of our Law School.”

Recent Gruss Lectures

  • Spring 2011 Gary Anderson
  • Spring 2010 James Kugel
  • Spring 2009 Ruth Gavison
  • Spring 2008 Arnold Eisen
  • Fall 2006 Michael Walzer
  • Fall 2005 Leon Wieseltier
  • Fall 2004 Robert Alter
  • Spring 2004 Moshe Halbertal
  • Spring 2003 Haym Soloveitchik