Gila Stopler

Dr. Gila Stopler is a senior lecturer of law at the Academic Center of Law & Business in Israel. Her areas of expertise are constitutional law, church state relations, multiculturalism and women’s rights. She graduated from the Faculty of Law Read More

Aharon Shemesh

Aharon Shemesh is Associate Professor at the department of Talmud, Bar-Ilan University. He served as visiting professor at U.C. Berkeley and Stanford University (2005); was a fellow at the Center for Jewish Studies, Harvard University (1996 and 2007), at the Read More

Application Process

Applications may be filed commencing September 15th until January 4th. We reccomend that you look through the Application Instructions thoroughly before submitting your application.  

Scholarships and Tuition

A limited number of full and partial scholarships to cover or partially cover the cost of tuition will be offered on a merit basis for those applying to take the degree on a full-time basis. It is not expected that Read More


The Conveners of the Master’s are Professor Moshe Halbertal and Professor Joseph Weiler, the Co-Directors of The Tivkah Center for Law & Jewish Civilization. Foundational courses will be taught by the regular faculty at NYU School of Law and the Read More

Academic Content

The degree program will be composed of the following elements: Foundational Courses in Law and Judaism. These will be selected from a broad menu of courses offered as part of the normal curriculum at both NYU School of Law and the Read More

Duration and Size of the Program

The program requires successful completion of 30 credits, including a masters thesis, and may be taken in one academic year. For the convenience of some of its target populations, it may also be taken on a part time basis, one Read More

Prospective Students

The degree is aimed at four principal prospective groups: 1. Recent law graduates who may wish, after the rigors of the JD and before embarking on life-long professional careers, to step back and both deepen their conceptual understanding of their Read More